My Motherhood Journey!!!!

My journey of motherhood started when “WE” (Me & my husband) came to know about our pregnancy on 21st Aug 2013. It was 3:00 AM when I did the pregnancy test and it came positive. I was shocked to see the results as I was not at all ready for this responsibility. However I woke him up and shared the news, he was so happy and asked me whether I am happy or not. I said I don’t know as I am confused but I was pretty sure that I will not abort this child because I truly believe in god and if he has chosen me for this beautiful journey, I should respect that. But was very much scared how will I manage my pregnancy and my child all alone.

My husband took all my worries away, he promised me that he will take care of me through the ups and downs. We believed in each other and took our journey ahead. My pregnancy went very smooth except the last one month, due to High BP, I had to be admitted thrice in the hospital before the delivery. And finally the day came when I was asked to get admitted for delivery. We went to the hospital for regular check-up but doctor found that the water levels have gone down and it will be a risk to postpone the delivery. So she admitted me and induced labor but believe me it was the worst pain I had and managed for almost 7 hours. As soon as my doctor came again for checkup, I asked her how much more time it will take, she said it will take another 10-12 hours, at that time I lost all my patience and could not handle that pain anymore and requested my doctor to proceed with C-section, she tried convincing me to wait and go for normal delivery but I insisted and asked her to proceed. My husband was also convinced with me and was supporting me for my decision. Soon they prepared me for the operation and within half an hour our angel, our daughter came into our lives on 05th March 2014. We were so excited and happy to see our beautiful daughter god has gifted us. And honestly we always asked for a daughter from god in all our prayers.

She is 6 years old now and believe me she is one of a child I have never seen. She herself is so understanding and supporting, that today we’re nothing without her. She has brought so much patience in my life, my anger is so much controlled, I am happier than before. Honestly, she has made our life so beautiful, we never imagined of. Our lives are full of love.