Struggle with baby’s sleep pattern…

Being a new mom I had to face sleep issues with my daughter. It was difficult and tiring to cope with the baby’s sleep pattern but eventually, everything got back to normal. And my daughter got into a sleeping schedule. Sometimes it was difficult to understand her pattern. She uses to wake up in the middle of the night until early morning. It took time for me to understand my baby pattern but when I observed minutely, things got better.

Every baby is unique and is blessed with a physical and mental system that is different from the other. But being a new mom I needed all the help I could get when it comes to handling baby’s sleep schedules.

1st Month Sleep Pattern.
After my baby was born, she mostly slept for the first few days. So it was difficult to understand her sleeping pattern.

For the first month, my baby slept for most of the day. She could sleep for as long as up to 18 hours in a span of 24 hours in a day. But that doesn’t mean that she slept for 18 hours at a stretch. She slept in spurts of sleep that was not more than 3-4 hours. She continued the same way through the day as well as night as a result we didn’t get my much-required sleep. It was really difficult for me to cope with this pattern and it made be irritated some times. I got all support from my husband, as soon as he came back from office, he uses to take care of baby and helped me make up for my sleep.

Newborns cannot differentiate between day and night, and it means that the newborn will not realize the difference in sleep schedule for the first month at least.

For the first month, my daughter’s sleep cycle was much shorter than that of mine. She spent a lot of time in rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, which is a phase of sleep where she was disturbed easily. She uses to wake up even by the noise of walking in the room. The REM phase of sleep is quite important for newborns, as it will help the baby’s brain develop as per the changes that take place.

2nd Month Sleep pattern.
When my baby turned 2 Month Old, she entered into a different sleep cycle that we experienced in the first month.

Between my baby’s sixth week and eighth week of life, I noticed a gradual change in the time she spent sleeping.

Somewhere during these weeks, my baby started to sleep a little less in the day and more through the night. She uses to sleep for about one or two hours at a stretch in the day, in short bursts of three to four hours in the first month. And she uses to make up her lost sleep at night, and I noticed an increase in the amount of time he sleeps at a stretch. For instance, while earlier she slept for two or three hours at a stretch, she soon starts surprising me by sleeping for as long as four to five hours at a stretch.

The gap between one round of sleep and the next was an increase. Where earlier she slept after two hours of staying awake, she now started sleeping after three hours of staying awake.

The second month’s sleep started getting deeper as compared to the first month. She spent lesser time in the REM mode of sleep and had lesser stretches of light sleep. By the third month, I started understanding my baby’s sleep pattern to an extent, even though it was not that regular as I wanted it to be.

By the time my baby was three months old, She needed about 15 hours of sleep over a span of 24 hours. It is likely that she slept for about five hours in the day, spread out over smaller stretches of sleep. At night, she slept for almost ten hours and may wake up twice or thrice for a feed.

Some babies also get into the habit of sleeping through the night once they are three weeks old, so do not worry if your baby does not wake up in the middle of the night for a feed. Also, if your baby does not sleep through the night and still wakes up a few times, it is perfectly normal.

By this age, the baby’s system is maturing and growing. Baby’s stomach will learn how to digest the milk better, making it easier for your baby to feed more and also to fall and stay asleep for longer.

3rd Month sleep pattern.
My daughter’s 3-month-old sleep involved a few stretches of daytime naps for about one or one and a half hours. The sleep at night now became more regular as she reached the end of the third month. Her sleeping schedule got fixed and save us a sigh of relief.

All it requires is patience and support from your partner and family 😊.

Below are a few babies’ sleep cue which I paid attention to for happy parenting.
1. Yawning is one of the first few signs of a sleepy baby.
2. The baby rubs their eyes and pull or rub their ears.
3. Less activity or movement is a common cue. Exhausted babies might show reduced playfulness.

4. Babies usually stop making the usual playful sounds and become less vocal.
5. They seem disinterested and less interactive with their surroundings. It might also be difficult to keep them engaged.
6. Weak sucking is one of the common cues of a sleepy baby. They may be too tired to suck.

7. Redness around the eyes is commonly seen in sleepy babies.
8. Drooping eyelids are also noticeable.
9. They smile less than usual.
10. When babies are extremely sleepy, they might become cranky, fussy, and irritable and might end up crying if not put to bed.

At the point when children rest after they are amazingly surly, they might not have a decent quality rest. The child would wake up frequently or sooner and stay bad-tempered or cantankerous.

A child’s rest prompts may go unnoticed in the good old days. In any case, you will in the long run figure out how to recognize them. Give close consideration to your child to distinguish their behavioral changes. Recognizing the right time will assist you in taking care of your child quicker.

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